“In the intense and beautiful collection, Kissing In Iceland, poet Eliza Locke and illustrator Kelly Carmody jet us around the world with their deftly interwoven art. From locations including Charlestown, Massachusetts, to Reykajavik, Iceland, to Hollywood, California, Locke leads us through a wilderness of white-hot love, sensual fervor, betrayal, and loss as we travel from one physical location to the next. Emergent among the multitude of glowing images offered here are memorable “stories of yearning/and of passion/and of the give and take of love” as the speaker states in “Snow Days,” one of the title location poems.” — Liz Ciampa-Leuzzi, What is Left

“Sometimes you read poetry. And sometimes you are struck by it. Warm words describe cold subjects in Kissing In Iceland, where the darker side of life and love are presented in Eliza Locke’s brilliant writing style. She gives us glimpses into a world we may never actually visit, but will surely feel as if we’ve been there. It’s beautiful and cutting and edgy, with illustrations by Kelly Carmody that are powerfully subtle.” — Lucy Spinetti, Boston Literary Magazine

“Eliza Locke’s carefully-crafted collection bursts with sensory language and confronts the reader with intensity from its first line. Raw, bold, and unapologetic, these poems derive a fragile beauty that manages to bloom from within the depths of their often precarious themes. It is impossible to put down.” — Alexis Czencz Belluzzi, Practicing Distance